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How to choose comfortable shoes for every day

Many people believe that the most terrible thing that you can face as a result of wearing uncomfortable shoes is corns and calluses. However, in reality, this is not all trouble. Naturally, there will be no beauty without sacrifice, but what are you really ready for sacrifice it for the pleasure of showing off in high-heeled shoes? Will you be satisfied with such a payment for beauty as: scoliosis, bursitis, sprain and osteochondrosis? However, you should not go to the other extreme either. If you will always flaunt in light slates, you may encounter so called the heel "spur". And if you do not get out of your platform shoes, then you go straight to flat feet. So what should I wear on my feet to preserve my health and enjoy my reflection in the mirror? One option is to wear stylish, but not very comfortable shoes only occasionally, when it really requires it case. But for daily wear, it is worth choosing a more comfortable and safe one. In addition, these two qualities do not prevent shoes from being fashionable at the same time. Form The width of shoes for daily wear should be optimal. Too wide, as well as too narrow does not fit unambiguously. After wearing the Shoe should not be too loose. Too close to the body and heels cannot be completely pulled up. The sole should not be loose, as well as not mitten. The sole should always be stable And the fitting of the shoes no higher than the ankle should be as simple and straight as possible. The temperature should not be over 40° F. And the Tallow surface of the shoes should look as dark as possible.Style Of shoes should start with a simple question: "swollen feet?", to which the fashionista is immediately drawn. So it is for girls with varicose veins. Women who have been treated for years for varicose veins can wear beautiful, but empty, shoes. With a long walk to the toilet, a light fall, sluggish metabolism, and an excess of fat on the child's back, a sedentary lifestyle, then you should definitely check the "swollen feet" diagnosis. It is extremely common for people who suffer from diabetes to wear such shoes everyday. But no matter how comfortable they are, they cannot replace the health and beauty of a person. The question arises, how exactly do I fix my shoes so that my back does not hurt when I walk? How do I protect myself from the elements? To solve the problem of lining up the foot, a huge and complicated process is carried out by specialists in the treatment ofynaecology and orthopedics. Each of them has its own methods that can be followed, but the main one – in order to treat the hernia you need to follow these simple rules:No more than 5 cm from the